Scripture: Psalm 11

The intense conversation between David and his “friends” in Psalms 11 most likely took place in the early days of Saul persecuting him.  David continues to be steadfast in his faith when he frustratingly asks the men, “How can you say to me: ‘Flee like a bird to your mountain?” (Psalm 11:1b NLT). They then respond in fear, “For look, the wicked bend their bows; they set your arrows against the strings to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart” (Psalm 11:2 NLT). Once again, David has to remind others, “The LORD is in His holy temple; the LORD is on his heavenly throne.  He observes everyone on earth; His eyes examine them” (Psalm 11:4 NLT). This Psalm is the perfect example of the contrast I describe as “living in your imagination” and “living in His imagination.”  David’s friends could only imagine one way out, but David knew that God already had a plan to deliver him from his suffering.  He didn’t know when, and he didn’t know how.  But he knew.

When I was suffering before my Lyme diagnosis and everything felt so hopeless, the only solution in my mind was to go and live with one of my parents or my brother.  I became obsessed and kept trying to work every angle to make it work.  Who was going to take care of me?  I couldn’t afford the adult babysitters anymore, and no one was offering to take me in.  It simply wasn’t feasible for me to move to the other side of the country for logistical and financial reasons, and the move made even less sense because I was fighting something they did not understand.

I quickly became angry at everyone, including God, who I briefly totally cut-off because He wasn’t answering my prayers the way I wanted.  My imagination had come up with the perfect solution and no one was going along with the program.  Once my pity party was over, I began praying for God’s will.   Shortly thereafter, I met a sweet couple through AirBnB who lived in the mountains (my happy place) just over an hour away who were delighted to take me in at a very reasonable price. The man turned out to be a pastor, and we stayed up many nights talking about learning to trust God. Moreover, I found a long-term renter for my apartment to offset the cost of my room in the mountains.  None of these options were in my imagination. What if I had gotten my way? I would have never made the connections with this wonderful couple or the other people who were instrumental in my healing journey during my time up there.  But God’s imagination did.

Thank You, Yahweh Yireh, the God who sees the situation beforehand and provides for our needs.

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