Jesus looks at us like a block of marble and sees a masterpiece. He sees who we are but also sees who we could be. Jesus met Simon, looked at him intently and said, “You are Simon. You shall be called Peter.” (John 1:42)

Peter means “rock.” Jesus saw every sin and weakness in the charismatic, unstable man who was so easily blown about like a reed shaken by the wind. He also saw the rock Simon could someday be: “Follow me,” Jesus says to Peter. “I’ll make a rock, a strong man out of you.”

The gospels are then full of stories about how Jesus sculpted Peter into that rock.

“For he Himself knows our frame, He is mindful that we are but dust.” (Psalm 103:13). How awesome is that? Jesus knows we are dust and still patiently and lovingly turns that dust into rocks. He knows our weaknesses and uses them to help us surrender and turn us into the leaders He created us to be.

As is evidenced by the story of Peter, leaders are not born, they are sculpted by Jesus.


This will be a very intimate activation for a more prophetically advanced group.

To set up, have two people grab a partner white billow cloth and make a path with each of the two white billow cloths.

  • The participants would line up two at a time.
  • Each person would walk down the path, soaking in their personal stories of surrender. I would ask them to envision Christ waiting for them at the end of the path, welcoming them into His Kingdom, ready to give them a special word on how He sees them
  • I would have someone waiting for them at the end of the path to sculpt them into a prophetic form that The Father gives them. The rest of the participants will be dancing like encouraging angels (freestyle, with flags, streamers, or whatever they feel led to do), encouraging the sculptee in what he or she is receiving.
  • Once the sculptor is finished, he/she will then go to the billow line to receive their prophetic sculpting.
  • The sculptee will then join the choir of dancing angels/or relieve one of the people holding the billow cloth so they join the choir of dancing angels.
  • To keep it going, one of the encouraging angels will become the sculptor

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