Scripture: Psalm 9

Boy, am I glad that I live in New Testament times.

“You have rebuked the nations and destroyed the wicked/You have erased their names forever. The enemy is finished, in endless ruins/the cities you uprooted are now forgotten.” Psalm 9:5-6

I can’t imagine living in fear of eternal doom. “Make them tremble in fear, O LORD/Let the nations know they are merely human.” The Hebrew word used for fear in this passage connotes terror. As I think about the vilest things done to me as a child, I still don’t wish hell on my abusers. What if they were eventually redeemed in the blood of Jesus? What if they have repented of their sins and are now serving the LORD with all their might? What if a seed they would eventually sow would bring dozens of people to Christ? What if that was you or a neighbor? I know their sins weren’t consequence-free, but as I said before, that’s none of my business. That is the job of our Shophet, God our judge. David very well could have been writing about me from my late-teens to my late 30s if I was living during his time. I drank too much, I swore too much, I used the LORD’s name in vain, I cheated too much, I lied too much, I made fun of Christians, I was promiscuous, and sadly, I was mostly unrepentant for it all. That all changed in September of 2012 when I rededicated my life back to Him. Thank You, Jesus, my Redeemer, for allowing me to humbly come to You and sit safely beneath the shelter of Your wings and no longer fear the sins of my past.

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