What is worship dance?

It’s my form of prayer. When I worship the Father through dance, I can feel His presence and hear what He has to say to me through song and movement. When I minister to others through dance, my hope is that they can hear the truth of what God is saying to them and receive it Illaoi Buff.game .

What is my process to start dancing? I wake up each morning asking God what He has up His sleeve for me, then jump about of bed, spend some time in the Word, let Him put a song on my heart, then I begin to dance for Him. It hasn’t always been that way. It took a failed marriage, daily panic attacks, Lyme disease and a couple of near-death experiences to fully surrender to the Lord.

Now I’m free! As a Licensed Minister of Dance, I now help others who have experienced trauma find joy and freedom through movement. Anyone can move, so I encourage you to move/dance for Him today!

Dances, Energized by Joy
You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.” Psalm 30:11 (NLT)

Dancing to "Brave Surrender"

Dancing to "No Longer Slaves"

Dancing to "We Dance"

Dancing to "Oh My Soul"

Dance to "I Am Clean!"

Dancing to "You Make Me Brave"

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“Karen truly has a gift for worship dancing. Utilizing the movement of her arms and the flowing scarves, Karen has the ability to transport you to a place where your problems disappear; other times, you are overcome with the joy of the Lord. Karen’s facial expressions and clothing choices always reflect the mood of the song, adding even more to the experience. After watching her dance, I am filled with the Holy Spirit and a smile on my face.”

Marilyn H

Waldport, OR