My approach to coaching…

My daily prayer includes the words from Psalms 139:24, “Lord please guide me down the path that you specifically designed me to be on.” I believe that we all have a purpose and when we are walking in alignment with that purpose emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally, physically, and in service to others, we light up. We become energized by the joy that comes from that alignment. I offer both business and financial coaching. Please click on the links below to schedule a free consultation TODAY!

Coaching, Energized by Joy
Coaching, Energized by Joy

Business Coaching

I bring over 25 years of direct business experience to my coaching. Prior to launching Energized by Joy and my coaching practices, I managed over $150 million in fixed income assets for Hart Capital Management, Inc. I continue to apply my investing skills in the multi-family apartment space through my company East Light Investments. As a serial entrepreneur, I have launched and successfully sold several communications businesses, including a boutique investor relations company, Ripple Effect Communications, which continues to thrive as a full-service public relations firm.

I am now a Certified John Maxwell Coach and Speaker. Click here to see how I can help you take your business higher!

Financial Coaching

I am passionate about financial literacy for women. I recently launched Financial Literacy for Her, a financial coaching program created to help women overcome their fear of money and empower them to live in financial freedom. My partner Erica Neal and I specially designed FLH to be a safe place for women to be vulnerable and ask scary questions without judgment. As part of the program, each client is partnered with a knowledgeable coach to create a diversified wealth plan to help them realize their dreams. In addition, clients will be teamed up with other like-minded women to share in their journeys.

In addition to being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), I am also a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and Certified Personal Finance Coach (CPFC). Click here to begin your journey to financial freedom!

Coaching, Energized by Joy

Karen is the reason I found my way to live out my calling practically and realistically. I’ve known what I was created for, but until our lives merged I didn’t have the wisdom nor the direction or even more importantly the practical every day/weekly/monthly and even yearly steps to effectively reach my potential. Karen awakened the dormant passion inside of me. She cast vision and highlighted life-giving habits and goals for me to grow not only in my career path, but also in my capacity as a free joyful, able, thankful essential being to this world. Her life and business experiences lead me into circumspect practices of making decisions and re-examining current systems and processes to upkeep boundaries and values that otherwise would slow down my growth if dealt with more leniently. Everything I have seen and will come to see of what my tangible life means in this world and to my Creator will intrinsically include who Karen was and is to me and how she was instrumental in leading me into financial freedom.

Randi C.

Greenville, SC